Manage Product Launches. Setting a countdown timer for an upcoming product launch.Enhance Launch Performance. An illustration of a guy holding a product launch playbook.

Nail Your Next Launch

LaunchCodes is a platform that helps brands of any size amplify and execute launches while giving shoppers a better experience and place to discover new products.

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How it works


Add product details to LaunchCodes to manage, track, and schedule your launch



Offer a “digital spot in line” for customers to claim to improve their launch day experience


Enhance Launch Performance. Illustration of guy adjusting product launch settings.


Gather real-time data to continuously optimize performance leading up to launch day



Protect against fraud and bots throughout the entire process

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Amplify your launch and reach new audiences on our Discovery Marketplace

Manage Product Launches

Automate, schedule, and control every moving piece in one Shopify-friendly system.

  • Ability to schedule launches to automatically open and launch when you choose
  • Launch signup process automation
  • Customizable number of unique codes for launches

Enhance Launch Performance

Make informed decisions on promotions and inventory to get more from every launch.

  • Real-time analytics to monitor performance and code claims
  • Inventory forecasting and management
  • Launch performance and engagement insights
  • Registrant sign-up, completion tracking, and email collection

Improve Customer Experiences

Give your customers an intuitive, stress-free launch day experience.

  • Provides customers with a “digital” spot in line for product launches
  • Simple and error free launch sign up process
  • Launch day checkout link automation
  • Mobile-first code claim experience to give users confidence in participating in a fair launch
  • Convenient SMS communication

Fight Bots

Trust in extra protection against bots on launch day.

  • Phone number authentication
  • Limit to one drop per user
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Discovery Marketplace

Get your drops in the mix with other curated brands to amplify your reach.

  • People can shop by "what's coming out"
  • Find new like-minded buyers